How to place a full sheet order
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How to place a full sheet order

1. Add a product you like to a normal shopping cart by clicking the ADD to FULL SHEET CART button. Each product has a minimum order quantity, you can’t order quantity lower than the MOQ, but you can add more by clicking the “+” button.

2. Add full sheet product to cart successfully, you can continue shopping by clicking RETURN To SHOPPING button, or clicking Proceed to Checkout button to checkout.

3. And then you will enter the full sheet shopping cart, go to check out by clicking the CHECK OUT button. If you are not placing a full sheet order, click the SAMPLE SHOPPING CART button to enter the sample shopping cart to check out.

4. Enter the Checkout page to fill your email to receive the order information, you will receive a Purchase order confirmation after you complete placing an order. Also, the shipping address and contact number are required for shipping.

5. Decorsmosaic Team will process your order once we received your order, we will let you know when the sample was shipped by sending you a shipping notification email. You will see the tracking number and which carrier we are using for your order, you can always check your order status with the tracking number.
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