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About Us

DecorsMosaic is a global leading Mosaic tile retailer, our mission is to help everyone body around the world to create a beautiful and eye-catching space. We have strong sourcing, marketing, before & after-sales service capabilities to provide every customer with the best products, the best prices, and the best services, our customers include home designers, DIY homeowners, contractors who are from the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Netherland, French, Singapore, etc.
Our advantage:


  1. Special Mosaic Tile is one of our features, those tiles that are unique and hard to find in your market, every piece of mosaic tile we are providing to the public is carefully selected and developed by our sales department, sourcing department, and the design department together, make sure they are nice and special for you.
  1. Offering stone, glass, wood, porcelain, plastic, peel and stick, metal, marble mosaic tiles, etc. We can provide all kinds of mosaic tiles with different materials you might need for the project, what’s more, our product is constantly being updated. You can find any classic and trending mosaic tile from our platform.
  1. Custom-made mosaic tile for customers with low MOQ, we have a complete and mature supply chain that enables us to custom-made any kind of mosaic tile for you. You can contact us anytime through custom-made to submit your request, our team will get back to you in 24 hours. Our goal is to help everyone to get their dream tile. No matter whether you are a home designer or DIY homeowner, we can help you to find your special tile with our custom-made service.
  1. Affordable price for each tile, we cooperate with factories directly, there is no importer or trader in the middle. We design, select and inspect each piece of tile by ourselves. DecorsMosaic guarantees the high quality and uniqueness of our products while still maintaining a reasonable price. Make sure you can get our dream tile from us at an affordable price.

Thank you for the support from each customer over the years, which will continue to offer the best product to repay your trust. Your support will be our motivation to continue to make progress.

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