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FAQs for shopping on


May I have sample, it is difficult to determine whether this Mosaic is suitable for me from the website.

Yes, majority of customer order one sample to check the product before place a full size order, in this case if you do not like the product, one sample could have been the best to do before order of full sheet.
Do I need to pay for a sample?
No, will always provide free sample to anyone who is potential to buy with us. You just need to pay the shipping cost only which is $19. If you want to get sample, please check tile Sample.

Tile edges is not straight, does DecorsMosaic provide a trim piece or edge piece that is needed for exposed edges on the wall.

We do not sell any trim or edge piece for the tile with un-straight edges. You need to cut a straight line using a wet saw. Also you need to order 10% of the material for cut and waste.

If my needed quantity is less than the minimum requirement, what I can do?

Please Contact Us to see if we can find a way for you. Please email us at with the product SKU number and quantity you want to buy. Usually, a justified shipping cost to compensate for the less-than-adequate economic scale will allow us to make an exception for you. However, it is solely DecorsMosaic's discretion and decision which will be made on a case by case basis.

Do you offer any discounts to distributor or reseller?

Actually DecorsMosaic offers the best prices on the website. Transparency in our pricing is one of the key operation factors making the lowest prices possible without any compromising in quality. Anyone meeting the minimum quantity requirement will have the same price.
Please contact us via if you still want to discuss with us on this topic.


What is your return policy?

Please refer to our return policy by clicking on the following link: Return Policy.

FAQs for Mother of pearl tile.

What is mother of pearl tile.

Mother of pearl tile is made of natural pearl shell, 100% natural product, also called Pearl tile, Shell Tile, Pearl Mosaic, our Mesh Mounted Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles can be used in almost all the places you may imagine. It can be used on the wall, kitchen backsplash, bathroom, table top, sauna place, etc.

Is there any color difference between the full order shell tiles and the ordered sample/photos on the website? Can you get a fully refund if you don’t like the color of the tiles?

As mentioned above, mother of pearl tiles is 100% natural products that made/polished by hands. So not to mention the color difference from the products you received and the photo on the website/sample, actually no 2 chips of the pearl tile in the whole world will match each other. Even the photos on the same page of our website, you can see for the exactly description between different product items. This is naturally color variation that comes by the nature of the products.

Therefore, we are sorry that the statement "the tile I received does not match the internet description/picture or sample" does not have the ground for the return.

However, just for courtesy and we value our customer as we bring it to our personal attention no matter how small the order is, we are offering a conditional return option: if we have other customer who wants to buy this SKU in your country, we will let you know and if you mail these products to our appointed new customer address, we will issue you the refund. You will need to pay for the return shipping and 25% restocking fee as we will use these restocking fee for the coordination and discount to attract our new customer accepting tile from a return, since we have to be honest with them that this is return products but in resalable/brand new condition. This is the best we can do.

Does the mother of pearl tile need to be grouted.

No, you don't need grout to install it.
But, keep in mind about the walls are not level, so in case that you see a little gap in between one sheet and the next one you will need to use some grout.
You will need a small portion of it to cover that gap, we recommend you to use: non sanded grout.

Can I do mother of pearl for the stove backsplash?

Yes, mother of pearl tile can be installed in the area behind the stove.
Cooking oil, spaghetti sauce, etc. has to be removed right away in order to avoid in stain in the tile.

What grout should you choose?

Please use non sand (sand-free) grout. non sand grout is for smaller grout joints and it will not scratch the polished pearl surface. In order to enhance the luster and shine in your mother of pearl tile installation, make sure that the grout haze is removed from the mother of pearl right after you finish grouting.

What grout color should you choose for mother of pearl tile?

Choosing the Right Grout is important for your project. Just like picking out tile, there are many different types of grout to choose from. Choosing a specific grout color could change the overall color appearance of the mosaics and the way that your entire project looks! Usually, there are three approaches to selecting grout colors that are used: blending, contrasting, and accenting.
Blending is the most common approach and what we recommend for most projects. This involves choosing the grout color that matches with the color in your tile. For example, you can blend by using white grout with our Mother of Pearl tile which is Natural White, majority chips are white, with small percentage of natural yellow and minimum natural grey; overall is white.
Similarly, if you are looking to blend grout with our Natural White + Natural Yellow + Natural Grey Randomly Mixed, reflecting the very natural color in original shell Mother of Pearl tiles, we recommend picking up on the beige and white undertones in the tile, so using a beige or white grout would blend perfectly.


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